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different paths @ Touch&Play 2013

Creating a community

During the experiment we will use the spirit and facilities of Osho Leela to create a physical and energetic space centred around the creation of an intentional living community. Through a short series of brain-storming, -forming and -norming sessions We hope to explore what it could mean to live in a “Contact Community” and how […]

foto4 feet

A new exeriment proposal….

By Alyssa Lynes A study in initiative and responsive touch as a way of developing our conscious state of sharing & curiosity in self and other. Through a build up of trust explorations we will investigate and develop a state of listening and communicating our desires for touch and connection.  We will recognize when, in […]

Welcome to Bread&Jam!

Exploring Contact through Questions of Relating (16th – 21st July) This is an experiment. Its ingredients are: a beautiful old English country-home; the community who run it and who’ve spent decades studying embodied meditation & relational consciousness; ongoing lab-groups, sharing circles; daily Contact jams; a sensual zone with bodywork rooms, tantra temple & BDSM play […]