Ulrich Kniep


- took part in the touch and Play festival in Berlin (Schwelle 7

- I think it was the first ?) some years ago.

- do irregular CI within open dancing events.

- have a natural attraction to improvised dancing, singing and music making and participated in quite some workshops in that direction without being able to make it a subtantial part of everyday life.

- am interested in group-settings which are self-organised and which open a space to

deeper encounter:

- did organize body orientated self-experience ( Gestalt, Pesso-Boyden) during my

carreer as psychotherapist.

- do organize community-building workshops according the communication guidelines of

Scott Peck.

- am experienced with Tantra and I have a history of connecting with BDSM- experience

especially while I had a partnership with a woman interested in this direction (workshops, parties, Xplore Berlin).

Experiment: Playing with power-fantasies