Anna Jussilainen

Naama SOS 2012-2-valoisaAnna Jussilainen is an independent dance artist, teacher and community dance practitioner specializing in somatic techniques, improvisation and contact improvisation. She has been teaching CI internationally for several years and organizes the Finnish Contact Festival Skiing on Skin. As a member of the performance art company Reality Research Center in Finland her work has largely focused on improvisation and bodily interaction with the audience. Her interest in different ways of interaction and creating realities has brought her to work a lot in community settings, the last projects realized in Nicaragua. In addition to the dancer’s education she also holds an MA in Cultural Research, majoring in the Study of Religions. Currently she studies another MA in Community dance at Roehampton University, London.

Experiment: Art of Relating

Lecture – Discussion: Contact Community – A Cherished Myth or Experienced Reality?