Justis Hatch

justis headshot 4I am deeply committed to the practice and exploration of CI as a spiritual path and a means of fomenting community. I am currently on the board of directors for Earthdance where we are constantly examining what it means to hold CI in the context of an intentional community, a wider CI community, and the local community that is perhaps more conservative and unfamiliar with the states that CI produces. I am curious about the place of CI in the broader world, its value as a practice of relating and how to communicate this to people who may have different standards around touch. In my personal practice I am currently exploring the bridge between pure athleticism and sensuality and heart. I am shifting from a perspective of CI being a physical practice similar to yoga (where I do the practice and witness my mind state and thoughts) to one where I use the practice as a means to express my emotional states and desires through relationship to others. My movement backround includes Yoga, Massage, Thai Massage, Martial arts (tai kwon do, aikido, okinawan karate, capoiera), african dance, whitewater guiding, rock climbing and stone wall building.

Experiment: Inside-Out