Minou Tsambika Polleros

IMG_9446 copy 2I have received my dance training at Dartington College of Arts where CI became a practical and metaphorical companion in my movement practice and research; examining the potential of the artist within the ecological field of sustainable transformation. I am currently engaging in a postgraduate degree in Social Sculpture where I am focusing on the body-mind as sensory organ, as primary home, as interface between conscious self and environment. I am exploring how we learn, – the epistemology and phenomenology of touch, of movement and of language. When movement is thought and if our bodies are homes of many minds and senses,-how can learning be a physical process in deep connection with our environment? How in a world that is in constant becoming, can we become movers fit enough to adjust to circumstances around us – and how can the creative mover be a role model for working towards a more sustainable future?

Experiment: Between Earth and Sky:  An Exploration of Touch