Emergent Spontaneity

Spontaneous foot1By William Godwin

I would like to facilitate a non-verbal spontaneity /space / workshops /lab, carefully framed by talking / listening time before and after. I aim to create a ritual container that allows emergence of whatever the group may need at the time. The group does not plan what it will explore, and no one leads. Everything is permitted unless expressly forbidden; everyone takes responsibility for their actions and effects of those; everyone practises mutual respect; anyone can signal to stop what is happening at any moment. A few simple guidelines help this rich journey into the unknown to unfold. In this way I hope we will experience the full magic of  present possibilities, outside of the tacit structures that normally guide our behaviour in whatever context we find ourselves – even in Contact Jams!  This is a form I have experimented with in many temporary community settings, and I am curious to learn how such a practice can inform the theme of this whole event.