Playing with power-fantasies


By Ulrich Kniep


I would like to facilitate a community orientated process according the guidelines of Scott Peck. As a “stand alone“ workshop this would take 2 to 4 times 3 hours. But this could also be used as part of the other Workshop/ research groups as the morning starting point or an evening conclusion and place to share and “digest“ the experience and connect it to other experiences in the lives of the participants.

It would also be possible to facilitate the discussion about the personal experience of the participants of any other interest-specific research group (sharing group facilitator) The aim would NOT be to lead this discussion but to give the means of opening a confidential space for sharing deep emotional experiences in a “group of all leaders“.

I am experienced in leading psychotherapeutic groups and talks from my profession (Dr. of Psychiatry / psychotherapy in my own clinic for 17 years after working in hospitals) and to supervise people who work in the field of medicine and psychotherapy.