CI and transparent communication

2013-04-06 17.04.33

By Stefan Haeflinger

Dance can give movement and freedom for transformation to our body and to regions in our body. If energetic blockages, carried around for years or spontaneously occurring, can be located in specific parts of our body then giving movement and bringing them in contact could allow for transformation to take form. That’s a proposition for experimentation and I’d be curious to follow it through in community. I’ve experienced energetic movements throughout the body in transparent communication, which is a way of relating inner movements or emotions through both speaking and listening on multiple levels. The interaction could be expanded to include in the communication movement in relation, or contact improvisation.

The idea builds on the observation that energetic flow in communication seems to carry more weight than the flow of words and their meaning. For example, the topic of communication might be the relationship to my parents. Listening to my inner sensations and emotions and bringing them in contact might imply sudden changes of topic, or so it appears on the level of words. Sticking to a topic on the level of words may, in fact, interrupt the flow of energy. To stay with the example, I may feel a sudden reaction in my belly and voice the emotions that come with the sensation. The emotion may be a fear and it may be something that the listener relates to. Following this impulse and listening deeper and sharing about that fear, even if it seems at first unrelated to the topic, may lead the communication deeper and enrich the sharing.