By Daniel Hernadez

Question: What is divine about the ridiculous and what is ridiculous about the divine?

This will be a colourful, creative, physical event, full of grand gestures and experimental movements. Throughout the ages Divine Madmen, Crazy Baba’s, Cackling Witches, Laughing Buddha’s and Wise Fools have tripped us up and sent us to the ground from which we sprung. In a wild, pleasurable and powerful moment of total silliness we see each other radiant, shining, clear, simple and beautiful. The naked, vulnerable truth of our total imbecility becomes our power, all the imperfections we normally attempt to hide suddenly become a beautiful, light; we are playing, jesting, pretending, and yet the energy is moving in super-real, relevant oscillations. It will be a messy journey and in between those rare lucid moments we will laugh a lot at how fun and silly it is to search, and we will also discover a lot of useful and juicy material in all of our failures and reachings and mistakes. We will invite moments in which we are ‘in the shit’, and these might become more fun than the perfect radiant ones, and if we are lucky, the two will become indistinguishable!