The Innocence of Lust

By Carina Rother


Desire comes in various textures; it has visual, contextual and sensual layers. The sexual experience is related to dimensions of interpersonal positioning, touch, taste, sent, gentleness, force, space, organs, shapes, gazes, histories…

Diving into questions of What do I desire in other bodies (minds, touches, movements) and my own? How have different shades of lust felt to me, who am I  in states of lust, and how many? What has shaped and nurtured my desire, it´s articulations, it´s fixations, it´s limitations, it´s (re-)configurations?, this experimental workshop will explore one´s personal relationship to one´s own desire. It wishes to give impulse and inspiration to further an inward dialogue with one´s lustful experiences. Possible techniques include guided meditation, automatic writing, intimate sharing circles/ pairs, as well as intentional touch and body constellation – To access our self-narrations of desire, to get in contact with the nature of what we enjoy, to welcome our lust.