Rules of Engagement

By Saskia Chaplin sas dancing dartington - cropped

Our current world is so filled with communication, information, and opportunities, and we have become so habitually distracted by these, that is rare to truly commit to a moment, a person, an activity, a dance. Using CI as container, I would like to explore what it is to be engaged and how it is to truly commit to something – does the one arise from the other?

With reference to Nancy Stark-Smith’s ‘Engagement’ phase of the Underscore, together we will journey through the process of engagement, exploring how we know it and how to get there. Through a combination of experiential, witnessing, and discussion based inquiry. I would like to offer, and also keen to co-create this with others, a series of ‘Scores of Engagement’ to develop some ‘Tools for Engagement’. Practices for being fully present, in the here and now, whilst keeping an open creative aliveness to the dance.

For those that feel inspired to, this process could culminate in an extra long dance score, lets call it ‘extreme dance date’. Through an agreed process, chosen or random, we commit to dancing with a partner, or partners, for 3 hours, 5 hours, or even a whole day.  How will it be to go on this journey, to truly commit, to go through the meeting, joy, boredom, tiredness, lack of inspiration and constantly agree to practice staying engaged?