Rowan Dellal

416806_10151317036482704_1689965546_nI have been dancing contact dance for about 5 years. I have been to Gottingen Contact festival, Contact meets Contempory festival in Germany,  Contact festival in the Canary Islands and another festival in Germany, with all the arts mixed together called Easter Impro. I have also been to about 3 In-Touch contact festivals in Ibiza and Goa. I dance Contact occasionally on Saturdays in Stoke Newington and in Islington on Sundays. I have a background in Yoga, I am a yoga Teacher and also Tantra and Buddhist Psychotherapy. I am also and Artist and obviously love to Dance.

I am 43 slim and sexy! And quite pretty, when I have love in my heart or dress up, not so pretty when I am over tired from looking after my new baby!  I am a new mother, we adopted a baby. But I still teach Yoga. I still dance all the time when I can. I value this precious time at Touch&Play.

Experiment: The Chakras & Contact Improvisation