Saskia Chaplin

sas india

I first met contact improvisation in 2007 and have enjoyed a love affair with it ever since. It is not without the usual ups and downs of all other relationships, yet has been hugely rewarding.

Always active, being in-body has been a large part of my expression, whether dancing socially, cycling from a-to-b, or through years of practicing then teaching Astanga yoga. However, with CI I love how the creativity in that physicality has an opportunity to really flow through.

It is perhaps no surprise then that my main making-a-living occupation has the body as focus for therapeutic development. Since 2002 working as a massage therapist and more recently including Craniosacral therapy. Be it the essential touch and release through the physical engagement of massage, or the profound listening of Craniosacral therapy, the body as gateway to our healing and relationship to our essential selves is a vital part of my experience.

I am co-organiser of many CI events in Bristol, UK, including our weekly class and jam, national jams, and several workshops. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of inspiring CI teachers, including Martin Keogh, Nancy Stark-Smith, Angela Doniy, Charlie Morrissey, Lucia Walker and Ray Chung.

Experiment: Rules of Engagement