All collaborators are asked to share their research interests, questions and proposals. Here’s a list of the wide variety of experiments that people are interested in facilitating during the event. some of these will be prescheduled and others programmed on a popular ad-hoc basis.

We hope to make the event as collaborator driven as possible and for that we need to hear your voices. Please tell us what proposals you like and why by leaving a comment.

We will be adding new proposals as they arrive so please check back here for the latest content.

Moving as Heart Energy

By Helene Su The Chinese characters for breath literally means coming from the heart. By breathing and exploring from heart energy, our bodies can yield, soften and surrender to authenticity. We drop our boundaries and judgements; bring self-acceptance and spontaneity to the dance. In this sacred space we can release and heal, and find our […]

Emergent Spontaneity

By William Godwin I would like to facilitate a non-verbal spontaneity /space / workshops /lab, carefully framed by talking / listening time before and after. I aim to create a ritual container that allows emergence of whatever the group may need at the time. The group does not plan what it will explore, and no […]

I like this. Do you like this?

By Alyssa Lynes A study in initiative and responsive touch as a way of developing our conscious state of sharing & curiosity in self and other. Through a build up of trust explorations we will investigate and develop a state of listening and communicating our desires for touch and connection.  We will recognize when, in […]


By Justis Hatch I would like to offer a workshop based in authentic movement and mindfulness that bridges the internal and external, moving from pure witness and mover into communicative partners exchanging passions and desires. The journey begins with pure authentic movement, one blind silent mover, one silent witness. Then using mindfulness, we begin to […]

Postromantic Dance

By Daniel Mang An exploration of Contact Improvisation as metaphor of a relational space beyond mono- and hetero-normativity This lab is about drawing connections between some issues in queer and polyamorous relating and some aspects of contact improvisation. We will look at dependency, autonomy, support, falling and fear of falling, reciprocity, leading and following, etc. […]

CI and transparent communication

By Stefan Haeflinger Dance can give movement and freedom for transformation to our body and to regions in our body. If energetic blockages, carried around for years or spontaneously occurring, can be located in specific parts of our body then giving movement and bringing them in contact could allow for transformation to take form. That’s […]

Yoga & Contact Improvisation

By D McGetrick I am interested in facilitating a workshop which develops the link between Yoga and CI as one dimension or extension of our CI practice. At Nowhere I gave a workshop on partner and group Yoga which allowed for an exploration of  interconnectivity based around some asanas, breath and touch; using the basic […]

Deep Contact

By Carey Jefferies I am interested in the possibility of realising a spiritual aspect in Contact Improvisation in a duo dance situation and also eventually as a group for a performance / creation. I propose an introduction to ‘Deep Contact’ a mix of  C.I, Butoh, Yoga and Tantra exercises to prepare and open our mind […]

Expanding towards the light of the dark side

By Ulli Wittemann In the practice of Contact Improvisation we often work on softness, flow and all these beautiful and important things, which contribute to make this dance what it is. What, if we add a bit of naughtiness, strength and playfulness? Using the mentioned “softer” qualities like presence and listening as a base, I […]

The Comedy of Touch

By Prabuddho  I would like to explore theatre or comedy involving touch. Expression could be non-verbal (sound only) or verbal or silent (physical only) – all three could be explored! The workshop could lead to a short performance or just be fun in itself. Alternatively (or also) I could share a performance (either briefly prepared […]