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Osho Leela is one of the UK’s leading personal growth centres. It is well known and loved for it’s festivals, parties and celebrations. Osho leela is run by a vibrant community in a beautiful house in the heart of the Dorset countryside. For well over a decade they have been welcoming people for courses, trainings and meditations and offering them the chance to stay with the community and experience the art of living. Osho Leela is a warm, friendly, creative, meditative space. Leela means play – the play of life. It is a space of meditation and transformation through play, at all levels of life.

The community at Leela are a special bunch of people, united by the desire to live communally and linked by the search for spiritual growth and raising personal awareness.
They maintain an open door policy in our community, so the size of the community is ever-changing. However, they do have a fixed group of around 15 adults and three children. There are always guests staying, some of whom will be staying for a longer time, while the rest are here temporarily. The long term members have a wide variety of backgrounds. They include three business people, a teacher, a social worker, a graphic designer, a recording engineer, a nurse, a healer, a librarian, and a deep sea diver, among others. Most of them have taken part in the Humaniversity Therapist Training Programme and they all value straight-forward communication, respect for each other, their selves and the planet. They are committed to joyous living and the promotion of beauty in everything.

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