Andreas Demmel

web-AndreasDemmelAs a non professional dancer but with remarkable background in holistic therapies Andreas joined the world of contact improvisation in 2010. Therefore his previous experience of studying systemic/family constellation work, transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathwork informed his experience of this world. Also in 2010 he already participated in the first edition of Touch and Play in Berlin and was overwhelmed by breaking so much taboo at once. Overwhelmed by and at the same time amazed by all this information he knew that he needs to leave these worlds or become an active distributor of information in it. Of course his curiosity and excitement convinced him to stay and he developed concepts where different approaches could join in an alchemistic recipe. He is especially interested in the question of integrating mind-blowing and powerful experiences and how energy that is generated at such events can be bridged into our daily lives.

In the past years he researched, played, worked and performed with several people from the world of dance like : Johannes Anzenhofer, Ulli Wittemann, Sonja Brühlmann, Christine Borch, Felix Ruckert, Lily Paskas, David Bloom and Shiran Eliaserov and continuously co-built the bridge between therapeutic approaches and the world of conscious kink together with Ruby May.


Experiment: Drinking from the Source

Experiment: Vampires & Snuggle Bunnies and the Reversed Vampirism Ritual