A new exeriment proposal….

foto4 feet

By Alyssa Lynes

A study in initiative and responsive touch as a way of developing our conscious state of sharing & curiosity in self and other.

Through a build up of trust explorations we will investigate and develop a state of listening and communicating our desires for touch and connection.  We will recognize when, in response to touch, there is a clear yes or no and acknowledge when a maybe appears or shifts.  We will explore how through touch we can share positive moments & memories of joy, lust, peace or love with our dance partner.  How can I put my shoes on you for a moment so that you can experience the fantastic sensations or feelings that I have?  How can I fully receive what you offer me to try on in a way that feels like just enough for me?  What is the CI dance potential when we seek to give and receive our positive life experiences through our knowledgeable open and communicative bodies?