William Godwin

William Sept2012

I am a life-long researcher and follower of radical curiosity, starting from early fascination with mathematics and music, linguistics and the puzzle of consciousness. As a child I became a singer and flautist. My career has taken me through teacher training into academic research in computing science and semiotics. Informally I have explored yoga, meditation, body awareness, bio-energetics, psychology and therapy, amateur dramatics, circus skills, co-counselling and facilitating spontaneity in groups. I have a long-term desire for, and experience of, community living since the Communes Movement of 1970s.

Since 2000 I have pursued an interest in conflict transformation and group dynamics, and am a facilitator with Alternatives to Violence Project. For five years now I have been studying and training in Process Oriented Psychology, seeking to integrate my diverse abilities and put them to best use.

I have been following my love of movement and dance of many kinds since my 20s, and learning Contact Improvisation for the last ten years. I am intrigued by CI as a metaphor for interplay of unique presences in a social world, and a non-verbal way to work with edges to my identity. My most recent journey is taking me into explorations of intimacy, sexuality and tantra – how to make conscious the desires that are proscribed or hidden in our culture.

Experiment: Emergent Spontaneity