Expanding towards the light of the dark side

By Ulli WittemannUlli barbarian bavarian

In the practice of Contact Improvisation we often work on softness, flow and all these beautiful and important things, which contribute to make this dance what it is. What, if we add a bit of naughtiness, strength and playfulness? Using the mentioned “softer” qualities like presence and listening as a base, I would like to create a safe container, in which we can explore, where our limits are in this moment of our dancing life. There will be moments of clear structured exercises, free exploration time and moments for exchanging and sharing your experience with the partner and the group. What about the playful part of aggression? I am curious about how we can integrate this often neglected power into our daily lives in a healthy and joyful way. Let’s explore, let’s wrestle!

Let’s Touch & Play! :-)