Leela Wendy Fisk & Dan Farberoff

leela beach canada dancin medium-1Leela Wendy Fisk

A trained certified leader of Soul Motion practice – exploring conscious creative movement through relational space.  I’m an explorer of many forms of conscious movement, from fluid micro-movement of ‘Continuum’, to improvised theatre, sounding, and Halprin methods of building relational scores and performance in nature. Listening into stillness is where I fall in love with movement.
I teach Soul Motion in Totnes, Bristol, London, European cities and in Auroville, India every couple of years. Formerly I lived on the US West Coast where I taught regular classes at the Esalen Institute, CA.

Dance community is integral to my life.  It’s where I find home in this world, where the essence of moving life is magnified at play.  I love the beauty and welcome to move life through and to be alone and together in the held communal container of expressive dance.

Dan FarberoffDan Pic

Mover and shaker of many persuasions. currently parades himself as an artist, director and film-maker.





Experiment: Poetry in Motion