Bed, Bread&Jam

CMDIntentionally living in contact

This years’ T&P Experiment focuses on the building of relations and community within the wider Contact world. The Bread&Jam concept, which was launched in January of this year, is a tool to do this at a local scale, by offering a new container to practice ‘Contact Improvisation’ in its larger sense ( The B&J format tries to take our dances beyond the dancefloor and integrate our practice into our everyday lives.

What would happen, however, if we would take things one step further and instead of attempting to adapt our form to better fit our daily grind we did the opposite and tried to shape our reality according to what we learn and live in our practice. Imagine we take our monthly Bread&Jams and make them daily, whereby the sharing of nurturing food, thoughtful words and well balanced weight with the members of our community became the common thread of our shared existence?

Throughout this year’s T&P Experiment we will use the spirit and facilities of Osho Leela to create a physical and energetic space centred around the creation of an intentional living community. Through a short series of brain-storming, -forming and -norming sessions We hope to explore what it could mean to live in a “Contact Community” and how one could possible go about building one.

community kidsWe will furthermore video, text and audio document this process for publication as a resource gift to the global CI network. In hope that these first steps will encourage others and facilitate the realisation of such a radical dream in the near future.

If you have any experience in community living or building and would like to collaborate in the holding of this space please contact or leave us a comment below.