Agnieszka Grenckowska

Feminine Earth Body Me

Polish born; graduated from the Faculty of Philospohy and then advanced to Warsaw University. Holds an MA in Culture. Body awareness and interest in the art of movement initiated in childhood practice of yoga.  A non-formal education in the UK years 2005-2013. Studied with local artists – Batel Magen contemporary choreography, Amit Lahav physical theater, Itta Howie  – body awareness and performance.  Parallel to this she joined a small group of Contact Improvisation artists in Bristol. CI Dance alongside local artist and with Kirstie Simson, Javier Cura, Ray Chung, Nita Little and Angela Doni developed her professional involvement with this form of movement. Between 2006 -2012 traveled to CI festivals in Israel, Freiburg, Finland, Ibiza, Spain, Brazil. The essential training of CI and Composition with Nancy Stark Smith in 2011. In Bristol she founded the studio collaboration with DMAC and gave rise to regular CI class – jams.

Affiliated with Polish dance community, plays key role in the Merit section of the Team organising this year’s  ECITE 2013 Poland. She is creating a Polish translation of Nancy Stark Smith underscore.

Her last inspiration and body of work is women’s dialoging with her body and combining meditation with movement. Continues to be involved in experimental exploration of the Feminine Body in movement and arts and nature in two way engagement process: with Carla Esteves of Somaterra and with Bellyfit International – offering holistic dance aerobics sessions for women.

Experiment: White Tent for Women

Experiment: Bellyfit for Women