Drinking from the Source

web-drinking from the source

By Andreas Demmel

In Shamanism its said, that we (contrary to western psychotherapy methods) don’t need to search for a solution of our inner problems when our level of strength and resources is high enough. If strength and resources are present, solutions appear and we are strong enough to do the next step.

True strength comes when we acknowledge everything that is in every moment and accept that this is the reality of this moment what there is. If we reach a state of full acceptance, tension leaves the body and we can drink from the source. Furthermore the connection with resources and things that give us strength in a way that can be experienced in the body will charge our batteries even more.

I will introduce you to the 5 bodies meditation where we step by step acknowledge the reality of our bodies, minds, emotional landscapes, our etherical body field and our group consciousness.

We will connect to our resources and from that point we will explore how encounters change, when we are in a powerful and nourished place like that.