Carina Rother


I`ve started CI-ing about a year ago, during a dry spot in my emotional life, for the purpose, as I discovered, to reconnect with experiences of relational authenticity, mind-bodily wholeness, freedom and creative release in ways I hadn`t been able to access in years. Apart from dancing and being danced, my journey in the last couple of years has led me to questions of body, gender and desire and the interrelatedness of the three, to problematiques of positioned subjectivity in a sexualized and racialized discourse of reality, and finally to the experience of grief and inner captivity and ways of overcoming and using it as stepping stones to become clearer on the way that`s unfolding in front of oneself. During the time, I`ve been studying Modern Chinese and Gender Studies, working in the field of applied theatre and media, and engaging in different political organizations advocating ecological and social justice and bodily and sexual self-determination. What I see myself becoming on my best days and hope to embody in the future is a social and political activist, witness and mediator, driven by a loving queer feminist consciousness, and a radically subjective artist.

Experiment: The Innocence of Lust