The Transparent Dance

Sonja Bruhlmann – The Transparent Dance

Sonja Bruhlmann – The Transparent Dance

By Sonja Bruhlmann

I am excited about this year’s theme of Bread&Jam. It is a process that has already started for me. I co-organise the ongoing Bread&Jams in London and attended the first one in Barcelona. Bread&Jams offer a platform to deepen the relationships that emerge out of the Contact Improv community and I really enjoy these spaces where people can meet, dance, eat, exchange ideas and inspire each other. The event in summer is like a fusion point for this ongoing process that will hopefully continue after the event and grow into a bigger project.

For the week at Osho Leela I look forward to working with an extended group of experienced researchers, having ongoing labs and spaces to try out new ideas.

My current curiosity is how to integrate verbal exchange and dancing, to connect not just physically, but also emotionally and intellectually. For the last couple of years I have been experimenting with different tools that enable the dancer to bring more of his personality into the dancing. Such tools are borrowed from physical theatre, authentic movement and various communication techniques. Starting points can be emotions, memories, sensations or thoughts; what happens if we allow ourselves to express them during a contact improvisation dance? I would like to share some aspect of this research and deepen it with others that share similar interests.