Kirsi Koivuholma

KirsiI don’t have prior experience with CI (and very limited exposure to other dance forms either), but I’m very much interested to learn about this field quite unknown to me. I’m fully aware of my inexperience, and thus I totally understand if this is an obstacle to participate. But maybe you could use me as a tool to test a total beginner’s view of things :)
I’m working in the field of empowering people to fulfill their potential, in a project that aims to support long-term unemployed people to find employment/study place/other activity that’s meaningful to them. In my social sciences studies I’ve concentrated into employment, participatory approaches & development studies.
I have some little experience in different meditation/mindfulness techniques, and I’ve practiced some yoga in order to develop my strength & flexibility (although lately too little). However, these practices don’t involve much interaction with others. That’s why I’d love to explore some additional methods for personal and interpersonal growth.
I’m interested to deepen my understanding about all the potential paths into empowerment and being present in the moment, especially through communication with others. I believe CI and other practices/experiments present in the Touch&Play event could provide me with new insights in this journey.