Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton

Lee and Jamus Intinct Oct 2012About Jamus

I love to move, to inspire creativity through dance and connection. I guide classes in Movement, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Yoga and perform professionally with the Touch Down Dance Company. Now I am weaving these practices and principles of embodiment into my own work.


About Lee

I work with movement and dance as an enquiry into the present moment.  Fascinated by dance as a metaphor for life she has used Contact Improvisation, somatic movement, non-stylised movement and self-enquiry as a vehicle to explore on the dance floor life, with freshness moment to moment.

I have taught in the UK and Europe offering a space for students to explore their internal felt sense as a way to find spontaneity and a sense of embodiment. Latterly I am following my personal interest using the same principles to explore the moving female body.

Experiment: Creative Relationships