Ella Gorila


I started to dance CI seven years ago. I had thought that wisdom is not involved movement.. I discovered the possibilities of knowledge offered by the body after many years of thinking that only reading and writing and having mind experiences was possible to go beyond the obvious. The CI has become a essential way of communication. Before I met the CI, I was interested in literature and audiovisuals. I have studied Audiovisual communication and Spanish literature at the University of Valencia. Since 2011, I work as a teacher of audiovisual communication in the institute Pere Martell of Taragona, in the Curse of Audiovisual’s and show’s producers. It’s an institute for technicians, where the students produce a short film after the first year and a documentary on the second year. I have worked in the Institutes la Merce of Barcelona (2005-2011) as a teacher of sound post production and radio for sound technician. I do yoga regularly.

Experiment: The Dancing Camera