John Cummings


red frames

For 6 years, I danced regularly at Manchester CI Jams, and for 2 years at most weekly classes in Bristol. For a few years, I danced 5 Rhythms weekly.  I have led dance improvisation classes in junior schools over many years, and subsequently researched dance in schools. I’ve had beginner’s lessons in various other forms of dance: circle dance, Ceroc, Tango, Ballroom, Capoeira, Biodanza, Authentic movement.

Since 2000, I’ve done numerous tantra workshops with various UK teachers, and led some introductory sessions.  I have participated in all 8 levels of workshops by the Human Awareness Institute (on Love, Intimacy & Sexuality), I’ve assisted on numerous HAI workshops, and facilitated.

Experiment: The Room of Love

Experiment: Intimacy & Touch