Daniel Hernadez


My approach to Dance is totally naïve, and I make no claims to being a master of Dance in any athletic or sporting sense of the word. Whether CI, 5 Rhythms, Butoh, Authentic Movement, Dynamic Meditations, Mask, Massage, Martial Arts, Medicine, Ritual, or Theatre – whenever I get in to it, the rich place is one of innocence where definitions fall away and bodies relate with something mysterious, beautiful and beyond language. It is this place that I hope to access in my workshops, performances and daily life. Parallel to and complementary to movement practices, my research of the past 5 years has been into the raw and untamed figure and state of “Clown.” Fascinated, I have sought out masters of this ancient art form all over Europe and have discovered a body of work, and a wisdom that is staggeringly rich, challenging, and liberating. Submerged in the topsy-turvy world of eccentrics, clowns, tricksters, fools, idiots and madmen, the Divine and the Ridiculous entwine in infinite dance. Through this work I am developing and sharing a teaching method, performance, and research I am calling “Divine Ridiculous”. I wish to share the riches which the realm of the ridiculous conceals, and reveal this as an essential, rewarding, and fun way to open up and connect.

Experiment: Divine/Ridiculous

Experiment: Massage Ritual