Welcome to Bread&Jam!


Exploring Contact through Questions of Relating (16th – 21st July)

This is an experiment. Its ingredients are: a beautiful old English country-home; the community who run it and who’ve spent decades studying embodied meditation & relational consciousness; ongoing lab-groups, sharing circles; daily Contact jams; a sensual zone with bodywork rooms, tantra temple & BDSM play space; input from experts in communication skills & emotional release; yurts & other small spaces for group and one-to-one work; delicious vegetarian food; a wood-fired sauna; a documentation space; dorms, caravans, chalets & camping space – and of course you, the curious reader: your interests, your creativity, your fears, your commitment to Contact Improvisation, your experience in other embodied forms; your hopes for yourself & for the world; your honest presence.

The BREAD&Jam experiment (Building Relations, Eating, Active Discussion & Jamming) is an invitation to balance the sweet fleetingness of jam encounters with something more substantial and nourishing. We’re interested in exploring the hypothesis that Contact Improvisation can, besides being a beautiful dance form, provide a potent tool for relating to oneself; to nature; in groups, pairs or trios; non-verbally or verbally; sexually; politically; therapeutically, spiritually and above all playfully.

At the heart of the event are small ongoing lab-groups that explore one or more of these facets of connection. These groups will be formed in advance according experimenters’ interests . The following themes have already been suggested:

  • CI & Authentic Relating
  • CI as an Embodied Meditation
  • Living and dancing in community
  • Body politics and CI
  • Sexuality, Sensuality & Spirituality
  • Power & Intense Sensation.
  • Connecting to nature through our dance

Small daily sharing circles with people from different morning lab-groups will give people a safe space to share how they’re feeling and what they’re learning. The afternoons are reserved for a number of prescheduled workshops and many ad-hoc lab, jam, discussion and presentation proposals. The evenings will include nightly contact jams and more edgy late night activities for the curious.

We will keep this year’s Experiment fairly small – around 80 people – to allow a rich web of inter-relating.  Everyone here is a collaborator so if you would like to help us create something  amazing by sharing your curiosity, teaching, facilitation, music, bodywork, or documentation skills please download the Touch&Play 2013 collaboration form.

Looking forward to Touch&Play with you,
Daniel, Jocasta & Sonja – The Touch&Play 2013 core organising team