Alyssa Lynes

11_stamtræ - Version 207_stramtræ - Version 9-1I am an expressive dancer, performer, choreographer, teacher, and short dance video maker.  I have been a bilingual elementary school teacher (NYC).  I have taught adults Spanish, English, dance, and Contact Improvisation in the US, South America, and Europe.  I have trained in many dance styles ranging from Jazz and musical theater to contemporary, physical theater, Salsa and Tango.  Over the past 10 years Contact Improvisation has continued to hold a place for me to explore and develop my current interests, questions, and authentic vulnerability or need for play.  I am interested in CI as a way to support each other to develop our awareness, embody our power of expression and listening, and to connect beyond our culturally learned blocks, prejudices, and ‘isms… I am from the US but now live, dance, and teach CI and English in Freiburg, Germany.

At 2013 Touch & Play Experiment, I look forward to labs and collaboration.  I am excited to explore my personal edges and to continue to discover the overlapping concepts or principals that are basic to us as we relate to the forms we share: CI, Tantra, BDSM, communication techniques, community CI development, sexuality/sensuality, emotional expression, dance as experience and dance as performance…

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