Carey Jeffries

P1020857My present research of 5 years which I call ‘Deep Contact’ is a culmination of my dance and body work studies over a 20yr period

It focuses on the meeting points of Contact Improvisation and Butoh, primarily for performance projects. but it also encompasses the spirit of Yoga and Tantra as a base for group dialogue and communication towards creativity.  This can be for a performance group or workshop or lab situation.

In 2008 I held a months residency at Point Ephemere, Paris  to research Deep Contact and created the performance Body Abysse  for 8 dances. Presently I lead another Deep Contact group for 6 dancers, researching, training and creating towards a performance projet. Tumbleweed at Studio Keller, Paris.

As an artist I initially studied sculpture at Camberwell and Canterbury Art Colleges creating a series of sculpture costumes evoking performance.. On leaving collage I studied Buto dance extensively in Barcelona and France with Min Tenaka & then Masaki Iwana and later with Tetsuro Fukuhara invited on two study and performance trips to Japan aided by the British Council 1993 & 1995. I also documented these trips by drawings of the dances training sessions I saw and participated in.           (An activity I continue today).  I have taught Butoh since 1997.

Since 1990 I have performed around 20 solos most recent is Versions of a Fool  2013

Since 2000 I have also been practicing Contact Improvisation mainly in France: with amongst others Kirstie Simpson; Nancy Stark Smith. Claire Filmon &  Adrain Russi etc.

I have been teaching CI occasionally myself since 2010, more recently Deep Contact  (CI and Butoh).

Parallel to these two dance forms. I also studied Yoga in India and France as well as a year Tantra training. I currently practice and teach Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes.


Experiment: Deep Contact