Pricing and Accomodation


Please Note that the Touch&Play Project is nonprofit organisation and non of the organisers of this event are getting paid for their work.

As this is an event for experienced practitioners and teachers we have tried to keep the costs as low as possible.

  • £180 for camping or £225 for a fully fitted dorm bed.
  • Our child prices are:
    • Babies 0 – 3 FOC
    • Children 4 – 12      £10 per day + accommodation
    • Teens < 16           £12 per day + accommodation
    • Over 16′s charged at adult rates.

Please note that the concessions are full now. We can not offer any more.

There are currently a number of children coming to the event.  We are looking at the possibility of having a professional child minder and if you’re interested in bringing your child, please get in touch for details about how this would work.

All bookings should be paid for in full prior to the start of the event.

Festival worker

There is the option to be at Osho Leela as a helper.  Helpers work 6 hours a day and get the festival for free or 4 hours a day and pay £10 per day.  Please note that the working hours cannot be scheduled around the labs and you will have to miss workshops. If you are interested in this option please visit: and get in touch with Amoura from Osho Leela.

Luxury accommodation supplements

The basic sleeping options at Osho Leela are in dorms shared with up to 12 people (matrasses and sheets provided) or camping. For those who want even more comfort there is the option to stay in one of the more private caravans or pine-log cabins for an extra fee. (Prices listed are per cabin/caravan room and can be shared between two)

  • Pine chalet: £35 per night = £130 for five nights.
  • Big bedroom/lounge bedroom in caravan £25 per night = £100 for five nights.
  • Small bedroom in caravan (but still double bed) £20 per night = £80 four five nights.

We have a special festival deal with Osho Leela, so you pay for four nights and get one night free.

NB. Dormitory beds are limited and allocated on a first come first serve basis. To make sure you get the place you want, you need to pay the accommodation supplement before the Experiment begins.