Vampires & Snuggle Bunnies and The Reverse Vampirism Ritual

By Andreas Demmel

web-snuggle vampire

If you go to Contact Festivals or other sex-positive touchy events you will most likely be able to see who is more connected to the archetype of the snuggle bunny and who is more connected to the archetype of the vampire. The ones are there to constantly give and give and give life energy and the others are there to constantly take life energy from you. And also you will find yourself in these two states. Sometimes you so want to give, are full of love with your heart open and sometimes you just need some fresh blood. And these constantly change within and around us. And sometimes the roles are really reversed and the love bunny can be really overwhelming and disgusting and the vampire that wants to take life energy from you can be really thrilling and inviting to meet.


So the first half of this workshop will really exaggerate this idea a bit and we can see if we feel like being a vampire or a snuggle bunny and how we wanna relate to and play with each other.


In the second half of the workshop I will introduce a ritual of reversed vampirism where we do an experiment of letting the life energy that is in the room and generated in the space stream to the ones who feel most like a vampire to even out and balance the collective emotional body.