Sleeping spaces

The basic options for sleeping are the dormitories and camping. There are some more luxurious places in caravans and pine log cabins. These need to be paid for as an extra fee. You can see what each option looks like on the Osho Leela website tour http://www.osholeela.co.uk/index.php?content=ab_tour. You need to pay any accommodation supplement upfront.


Osho Leela runs a vegetarian kitchen. They try their best to meet the most common food requirements for everyone. If wheat or dairy is being used, it will be matched with an alternative, which will be served at a separate table. For big events and festivals thye will not be able to meet individuals needs. But what they will do is to provide some simple dishes – a gluten-free grain, steamed vegetables and protein. We look forward to enjoy sharing some beautiful food together as part of this Bread&Jam experiment!

Bar, Juice bar, snacks and Cappuccino bar

Osho Leela have a comfy little room in the main house which will be open at certain times as a Cappuccino bar, with hot drinks, chocolate brownies and other yummy treats on sale. They are also happy to run a late night bar or juice bar if we request it.

What to bring

  • Towel and toiletries
  • Indoor and outdoor shoes
  • £10 note for your key deposit, if staying in a mobile home or pine lodge
  • Dancing clothes (Please bring sufficient clothing for the duration of the event). There is a coin operated washing machine for guests’ use in our camping area.
  • Touch&Play costumes and toys for research, play and party times.
  • Musical instruments
  • T&P project related documentation

Interaction with the OSho Leela Community

The Osho Leela community members will be invited to participate in a number of the activities of the experiment (Evening Jams, lose workshops). If their presence at a specific activity is an issue for you please speak to the organising team. All collaborators are asked to give 40-60min of their time for general camp care under guidance of the Osho Leela team. If you will not be able to contribute please discuss this with the T&P organisers beforehand.

Internet and phone services

There is a PC with internet in a small room upstairs in the main house which is for our use. There is Wifi, but the connection is weak and may be quite slow. There is a pay phone upstairs in the internet room, in the main house. Mobile phone reception is limited, it comes and goes regularly.


English is the official language used at international Touch&Play events such as this one. If translation is needed, we will assist you in finding one of the researchers to help.