The 2013 Touch&Play Experiment is a fully collaborative event with a focus on co-created and research driven content. It is a playground for the radically curious and the rigorously invocative.

Here is a list off all the somatic teachers, bodyworkers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and more that are coming to share their knowledge and questions with us.

If you’re attracted by the idea of being part of this inspiring research team here’s how you might be able to collaborate.

Daniel Mang

I have always been interested in how social domination takes root in the body and in bodies as sites of resistance. The question of body politics has accompanied me from the mid-eighties on, when I began studying various kinds of bodywork, until this day. I trained as a physiotherapist in Berlin in the early nineties […]

Jamus Wood & Lee Bolton

About Jamus I love to move, to inspire creativity through dance and connection. I guide classes in Movement, Contact Improvisation, Somatic Yoga and perform professionally with the Touch Down Dance Company. Now I am weaving these practices and principles of embodiment into my own work.   About Lee I work with movement and dance as an enquiry into the present […]

Andreas Demmel

As a non professional dancer but with remarkable background in holistic therapies Andreas joined the world of contact improvisation in 2010. Therefore his previous experience of studying systemic/family constellation work, transpersonal psychology and holotropic breathwork informed his experience of this world. Also in 2010 he already participated in the first edition of Touch and Play […]

William Godwin

I am a life-long researcher and follower of radical curiosity, starting from early fascination with mathematics and music, linguistics and the puzzle of consciousness. As a child I became a singer and flautist. My career has taken me through teacher training into academic research in computing science and semiotics. Informally I have explored yoga, meditation, body awareness, […]

Carey Jeffries

My present research of 5 years which I call ‘Deep Contact’ is a culmination of my dance and body work studies over a 20yr period It focuses on the meeting points of Contact Improvisation and Butoh, primarily for performance projects. but it also encompasses the spirit of Yoga and Tantra as a base for group […]

Devaraj Sandberg

Devaraj has been an Osho sannyasin since 2001, living at Leela since 2002. He completed the Humaniversity 4 Year Therapist Training in 2006 and has been helping to run Osho Leela, the main Osho community in the UK, since 2005. He runs workshops on Anger, Passion and Fear and is also the creator of the […]

Agnieszka Grenckowska

Polish born; graduated from the Faculty of Philospohy and then advanced to Warsaw University. Holds an MA in Culture. Body awareness and interest in the art of movement initiated in childhood practice of yoga.  A non-formal education in the UK years 2005-2013. Studied with local artists – Batel Magen contemporary choreography, Amit Lahav physical theater, […]

Russell Price

I have danced CI in Australia, India, the East and West Coasts of America and no doubt a few other places off the map.  I love how there is a universe of information in every touch and nuance of contact.  I am a beginner capoeirista, a tai chi teacher, bodywork instructor and general lover of […]

Justis Hatch

I am deeply committed to the practice and exploration of CI as a spiritual path and a means of fomenting community. I am currently on the board of directors for Earthdance where we are constantly examining what it means to hold CI in the context of an intentional community, a wider CI community, and the […]


I have some experience of Contact Improvisation sessions with Jocasta Crofts, and extensive and varied workshop experience in emotional expression, relating, theatre, meditation and many others over the years.  I particularly like theatre as a form of expression, performance, and a way of exploring myself – in the last few years I have attended quite […]