I wanna collaborate

If you would like to join us, download the attached collaboration form to tell us about yourself and your interests. Please return the form (as a .doc attachment) to research@touchandplay.org

In this year’s Touch&Play Experiment everybody is a collaborator. We want to dissolve the boundaries between teaching and participating and invite everyone to actively engage in a shared research. To support this joint exploration we will meet each morning in the same small interest-specific research group and in the afternoon there will be a choice of labs, workshops, presentations and discussions. We are inviting dedicated practitioners and teachers of Contact Improvisation and other somatic practices (martial arts, bodywork, Tantra, BDSM, non-verbal communication . . . )  to articulate and share their knowledge and questions to co-create this space.  Together we hope to create an event where you can dive into your curiosity to challenge yourself and inspire others.

There are various possibilities to contribute to this year’s event:

  • suggest a lab and facilitate it
  • offer a workshop
  • play music for jams or workshops
  • host a discussion
  • share a performance
  • lead a jam warm-up or be a jam “elder”
  • show a film
  • help create and hold the Tantra Temple or BDSM playspace
  • document the event by writing or (with permission) film or photography
  • be a “listening ear” if people need someone to talk to

Touch&Play 2013 collaboration form