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By Justis Hatch

I would like to offer a workshop based in authentic movement and mindfulness that bridges the internal and external, moving from pure witness and mover into communicative partners exchanging passions and desires. The journey begins with pure authentic movement, one blind silent mover, one silent witness. Then using mindfulness, we begin to speak our internal experience while moving, verbally witnessing our own experience. Initially this speaking is reactionary, expressing what you just thought or just felt. This shifts to expressing desires, thoughts about what we want or would like, maybe physical or maybe emotional. Moving even more external we then “perform”, trying to elicit some response. Finally we dance together while simultaneously expressing verbally, first internal reactionary experiences then expressing desires, impulses, wants and whims and ending with attempting to elicit some desired reaction or action from the other (a sort of secret or manipulative score). The entire arc provides many opportunities to reveal ourselves to each other and this encourages us to find new places, pathways and levels of expression that may surprise, scare or exhilarate us.