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  • different paths @ Touch&Play 2013

    Creating a community

    During the experiment we will use the spirit and facilities of Osho Leela to create a physical and energetic space centred around the creation of an intentional living community. Through a short series of brain-storming, -forming and -norming sessions We hope to explore what it could mean to live in a “Contact Community” and how […]

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  • foto4 feet

    A new exeriment proposal….

    By Alyssa Lynes A study in initiative and responsive touch as a way of developing our conscious state of sharing & curiosity in self and other. Through a build up of trust explorations we will investigate and develop a state of listening and communicating our desires for touch and connection.  We will recognize when, in […]

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  • Welcome to Bread&Jam!

    Exploring Contact through Questions of Relating (16th – 21st July) This is an experiment. Its ingredients are: a beautiful old English country-home; the community who run it and who’ve spent decades studying embodied meditation & relational consciousness; ongoing lab-groups, sharing circles; daily Contact jams; a sensual zone with bodywork rooms, tantra temple & BDSM play […]

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Bread&Jam is Open

Registrations for the 2013 Touch&Play Experiment, Bread&Jam at Osho Leela, Dorset UK, from July 16th-21st, are now open.

Touch&Play Festival Videos


The 2013 Touch&Play Experiment is a fully collaborative event with a focus on co-created and research driven content. It is a playground for the radically curious and the rigorously invocative. Here is a list off all the teachers, somatic bodyworkers, dancers, musicians, visual artists and more that are coming to share their knowledge and questions with us. If you’re attracted by the idea of being part of this inspiring research team here’s how you might be able to collaborate.


Here a list of the wide variety of experiments that we will try to setup during the event.


Everything you could possibly need to know. And if not please fill in the contact form to ask us a question.